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An Aspiring Beginning

An Aspiring Beginning

On November 14 and 15, 2015 the 5th Lebanese American University Model Arab League program held its first training session in its Beirut campus and the Outreach and Leadership Academy in Saida, “OLA”, respectively.

The advisors and students who attended the session put their faith in this program to ensure better skills for their students in the Final Conference and far beyond.

Also, the students learned more about what brings them together and what they share in common: Arab Nationalism.

At 9:00 AM, the session began and trainers started and introduced the Arab League, its members, structure, etc. Afterwards, they were introduced to the flow of debate and rules of procedure, to learn how a conference is actually conducted.

Subsequently, delegates learned about Financial Literacy (what is money, why and where finance is used, what are the financial institutions) to then have a discussion on “The Microfinance Revolution: Fighting Poverty, One Loan at a Time”.

Not only did this training session include a theoretical and historical part, but it also incorporated practical methods to educate students on mastering skills that include public speaking and role-playing.

And what made this session even more interactive and entertaining were the activities and energizers that concertized the training material and ensured the delegates’ participation and comprehension of those skills.

An interesting twist of events that occurred only in OLA and during the TS1 is when

H.E. Mrs. Bahia Hariri and the AVP of the Outreach & Civic Engagement Unit, and Program Director, Prof. Elie Samia, came to visit the classrooms and gave words of encouragement to the students.

At the end, the success of this year’s first training session was because of the great efforts that the whole secretariat members put in, to make it a memorable session and a testament to another 5 years of diplomatic finesse.

So, we hope to see all our delegates in the next training session that will take place on January 16, in Beirut, and January 17, in OLA, which will tackle Country Statements & Research.


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