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Since 1983, the Model Arab League programs worldwide have offered high school and university students an extraordinary opportunity to learn, practice, and develop leadership skills. In the process, the participants deepen their knowledge and understanding of Arab social, economic, cultural and political issues.

The original Model Arab League began 25 years ago at Georgetown University in Washington, DC; through LAU’s deep leadership vision and commitment to excellence, the program has been brought exclusively to Lebanon.
In 2011, LAU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (NCUSAR) and now has the exclusivity and the right to use the title of “Model Arab League” as the project to be implemented in Lebanon. Consequently, LAU has partnered with the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development (HFSHD) to implement the first MAL program in Lebanon.
The National Council on US-Arab Relations is dedicated to form an overarching bridge of political, cultural, economic, social, and information cooperation between the American citizens and their Arab counterparts. In thriving towards its goal, the Council has been engaging in various educational and leadership exchanges among students. As part of its initiatives, NCUSAR held the first ever Model Arab League Conference at Georgetown University, Washington DC in 1983.
Within the same framework, the Lebanese American University, through the Outreach and Civic Engagement unit, has actively committed itself in educating the whole person and preparing world class citizens and global leaders by engaging in several leadership and simulation programs and initiatives. Because of its long history of civic engagement and success stories in the promotion and cultivation of leadership, LAU got accredited from the NCUSAR to establish a Model Arab League conference within its premises. This gave LAU exclusivity and made it the pioneer in bringing MAL to Lebanon and the Middle East.

For that purpose, the Lebanese American University partnered up with the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development, and expanded its scope of participation to include high school and middle school students of different religions, backgrounds, identities and affiliations from all over Lebanon.

The Lebanese American University, in partnership with the National Council on US-Arab Relations and the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development is proud to launch the 6th Lebanese American University Model Arab League program.

The LAU MAL is an innovative educational program that engages Lebanese High School and Middle School students in an exploration of current Arab world issues, through interactive simulations and curricular materials. It helps engage students from various religious and political backgrounds in Lebanon, to discuss various social, political and economic subjects that are affecting and shaping our Arab World. Representing one of the Arab League’s 22 member-states, student delegates work to achieve consensus on questions, with which diplomats face every day. Student leaders are given the opportunity to debate and form coalitions in order to draft and pass resolutions that seek to resolve some of the Arab countries’ most difficult challenges. The transfer of skills is conveyed through 3 training sessions, which prepare the students for a 2-day conference, simulating the various sessions and committees of the Arab League.

Our Mission

• Creating a culture of dissemination of knowledge about the Arab World
• Providing leadership training for the largest amount of Arab Youth
• Developing an Arab citizen with a deep sense of democratic values and civic engagement
• Promoting values of peace, democracy, and justice
• Teaching practical leadership skills
• Introducing and discussing social, economic, cultural, and political issues facing Arab countries
• Training students on management skills, use of parliamentary procedure, and the dynamics of debating.


All students who adhere to the attendance policy will receive a Certificate of Participation. Also, to show appreciation for the esteemed advisors’ cooperation, schools’ registered official advisors will be recognized with an Advisor’s Certificate.
In addition to that, students with a distinguished performance can receive: Best Country Statement Award, Honorable Mention Award and Best Delegate Award. Schools with the highest ratio of awards receive the Best Delegation Award.



Awarded students who decide to enroll at LAU for their higher education will receive a specific amount of scholarship:

  • All recipients of the Best Delegate award, who decide to enroll in LAU for their higher education, will receive a 50% scholarship.
  • All recipients of the Honorable Mention award, who decide to enroll in LAU for their higher education, will receive a 25% scholarship.